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Frequently asked questions

1. Can I use photos for commercial use (for client works, etc.)?
Yes, you can. They are free.

2. Can I use photos for HTML/PSD/PowerPoint templates I sell?
Yes, you can. Attribution/credit greatly appreciated.

3. Can I use photos as a placeholders in my HTML/PSD templates or articles?
Yes, you can. Attribution/credit greatly appreciated.

4. Can I distribute my PSD files with photos included in design?
Yes, you can. Attribution/credit greatly appreciated.

5. Can I print it on t-shirts?
Yes, you can.

6. Can I use it in my PowerPoint presentation?
Yes, you can.

7. Can I resell the photos?
No, absolutely not. They are free.

8. What about the copyright? Why don’t you use Creative Commons?
You can use foodeverest.com pictures anywhere you want, for both personal and commercial purpose. Same for edits (they are free to edit). However, it is very much appreciated if you mention foodeverest.com as a source of image. Practically the only condition we have is that selling and re-selling our pictures is not allowed. It’s not allowed to sell and resell them at your website, using stock photos agencies such as Shutterstock, Dreamstime or Fotolia, selling them printed nor anywhere else.

9. Can I post images on social networks?
You can post them on social networks only if you edit them — eg. with logo of your company, as part of webdesign, with your own quote etc.

10. Can I publish these photos to my own site with free photos?
No you can’t.

11. How can I credit/mention you?
We are very happy for every mention! If you want, you can use ‘Photo by foodeverest.com‘ with link to foodeverest.com (Thank you!)

12. May I redownload the same media?
Yes, you can, please contact support and you will receive the image via email.

13. My file did download completely but it doesn’t open. What should I do?
If the file downloaded completely but your software program doesn’t open it, try again using another program and resave it. If you still experience problems contact support.

14. I have lost the files I previously downloaded from foodeverest.com, how can I download them again?
If you have lost a file that was previously downloaded please send an email to support with full details and we will resend you the file via email.

15. I’m looking for 100 mb photos. Do you have such high resoliution files?
We mostly use a size in Megapixels (MP) for reference, the standard use in printing and not Megabytes (MB), which is not fully irrelevant because it can vary a lot from one photo to another, even if they have the same size in pixels. We have TIF and RAW formats of each photo, so if you need them, please send an email to support.

16. Do you cook all the food on your own?
Yes we do. Or we take pictures at the restaurants that we own.

17. Do you style all the food on your own?

18. How much do the pictures cost?
Those in Free photos section are completely free of cost. Download as many you want for FREE. Premium photo packages are the only exception.

19. Can you give me examples where can I use the pictures?
Template, theme, app, website, presentation, logo, wallpaper, commercial or just any kind of design. If you are not sure, please contact us.

Important: Downloading these photos does not transfer any title from these photos to you, or any intellectual property rights therein to you. Be respectful to registered trademarks. 

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