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What Influence does Healthy Nutrition have on our Wellbeing? - FoodEverest.com

What Influence does Healthy Nutrition have on our Wellbeing?

According to scientific research data healthy nutrition habits have 20 – 30% of influence on human’s well being. Remaining 70% of influence consists of physical activity, sufficient time dedicated to rest and also good mood. It may be hard to achieve, but still there are lots of ways how to impact your lifestyle and change yourself into healthy person. 

Don’t push yourself too hard 

First of all you shouldn’t be punishing yourself with a low – calorie diets, or any limitations of foods. Human’s body requires many nutrients just to keep a normal functioning of various body parts. The most important thing is to make an agreement with yourself, and determine the goals you would like to achieve. It is crucial to know what kind of food is good for you and which one you should be avoiding to see the results of healthy nutrition.

Eat several times a day

Healthy nutrition has to include most important nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and all of them should be distributed over all day meals.  The most important meal of the day – breakfast, therefore you should get about 30% of all nutrients, 40 – 45% for lunch and what’s left for dinner.

Distribute nutrients through all day meals

Proteins should take 10 – 12%, carbohydrates 55 – 70% and fats about 30% daily ration rate, it’s very important that there will be less than 10% of saturated fats! There are some nutrients you should avoid if reaching healthy nutrition : such as sodium, cholesterol, salt and sugar. These should only be used in very small amounts!

One of the main rules of healthy nutrition is to eat most diversified food, including a large quantity of fresh vegetables, fruits, and wholegrain products. Always enjoy your meals but keep it in smaller portions, and eat only when you are really hungry, otherwise you can eat too much calories!  

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