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How to choose an espresso machine

Espresso Machine

True coffee lovers have a hard time. It takes a lot of time to prepare a fragrant drink at home in a Turk, and money to buy ready-made in specialized establishments. Soluble powder, even coffee is difficult to name, so we will not even mention it.

It’s so good that they came up with a miracle technique that turns grains into an invigorating elixir in a matter of minutes. And all this with minimal human involvement. The name of this invention is espresso machine.

What is espresso machine

Coffee Home Brewing

Espresso machine is a new word in home brewing. These devices were developed for cafes and restaurants, but due to the convenience and good quality of the final product, there were people willing to buy such a device at home.

Manufacturers responded to the desire of the consumer and began to produce household espresso machines: they are smaller in size and more affordable than industrial ones. On the market, they are referred to as automatic coffee machines.

So what is the secret of such units? Everything is extremely simple: they prepare coffee of the highest quality and at the same time no special knowledge or special efforts are required from a person. It is enough just to fill in water and fill in the grains. And then we select the desired drink on the control panel and the technique will do everything by itself.

But this is in the event that you do not want to understand the recipe and you are satisfied with the result. If you wish, you can experiment: change the temperature, strength, volume of finished coffee, decrease or increase the amount of milk. In addition, the devices deliver a minimum amount of hassle, since they also clean themselves independently.

Selection criteria espresso machine

So, you have definitely decided that you need an espresso machine. Now you need to figure out how they differ from each other and what characteristics a good device should have.


The more power is, the faster the appliance makes coffee. At the same time, with an increase in the power indicator, the strength of the drink decreases. This is due to the fact that during processing in high-power machines, the brewing speed is very high and the water simply does not have time to absorb all the taste and aroma of the grain.

Decide which is more important: speed or taste. In general, there are devices with a power of 800 to 2,500 watts. Average values are considered optimal for the house – 1,000 – 1,500 watts.

Performance is worth paying attention to if you have a large family of coffee lovers or if you are purchasing an office device. For an ordinary family, where several people drink coffee a couple of times a day, a minimum productivity of up to 30 cups is enough.

Brewing mechanism cleaning scheme

coffee machine brewing mechanism

The brewing mechanism is the heart of any espresso machine. It is in it that the magic of transferring the properties of coffee beans occurs. There is a removable and fixed brewing mechanism.

The structure must be periodically removed and manually washed under a tap, dried and put back in place. But the difficulty arises with cleaning the pipes of the hydraulic system – they cannot be removed. Coffee deposits remain inside, which accumulate over time and give the drink an unpleasant aftertaste. Besides, it is simply unhygienic due to the multiplying bacteria.

A special tool in the form of tablets is designed to solve the problem, which allows you to effectively wash the inner surfaces of the hoses.

In this version, it will not be possible to remove the brewing part. But maybe it’s for the better – it determines the level of pollution and cleans the internal parts of the machine itself. After a certain number of brewed cups of coffee, the device gives a signal, they say, “it’s time to wash”. The user only needs to load the tablet and activate the cleaning function, and the technician will do everything himself. Very convenient, but more expensive.

Having steam

cappuccino maker

This option is a must for those who love varieties such as cappuccino and latte. If the appliance is not equipped with a cappuccino maker, then it will be able to make only dairy-free varieties of coffee.

The cappuccinatore creates that very airy milk froth that many adore. It happens:

You are required to pour milk into a special container or immerse the tube in a can of liquid (depending on the design). Skillful technique will do the rest itself. In some advanced models, it is even possible to choose the degree of foam airiness and its height. The presence of an automatic cappuccinatore significantly increases the cost.


In order to choose a suitable espresso machine, you must first decide what you want from it. What coffee and how much should she be able to make? Are you ready to hand wash the internal parts? Do you really need multiple grinds, a cup warmer and a second boiler?

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