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Fried Watermelon Salad with Feta Cheese, Raspberry and Pine Nuts - FoodEverest.com


Watermelon (in cubes) – 140 g

Feta – 40 g

Raspberry – 30g

Arugula (Rocket) – 20 g

Teriyaki sauce – 8 g (1/5 tablespoon)

Pine nuts – 4 g (1 teaspoon)

Black pepper (crushed) – 1 g (a pinch)


  1. Remove the watermelon rind, cut the watermelon into large cubes, rub them with teriyaki sauce and cook in a preheated oven at 190 ⁰C for 10-15 min.
  2. Transfer all ingredients into the serving plate and spice up with a dressing.

We recommend the roasted pumpkin seeds and basil pesto dressing!

Nutrition facts, per serving  
Calories (kcal) 211
Protein (g) 8
Fat (g) 11.6
Saturated fatty acids (g) 6.7
Carbohydrates (g) 21
Sugars (g) 15
Dietary fiber (g) 3.2
Sodium (mg) 610
Cholesterol (mg) 35

Calculated With: caloriesfinder.com